• Carrier Bearing Replacement

  • Diagnostic Troubleshooting

  • Driveline Phasing & Rebalancing

  • New Driveshaft Fabrication

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • U-Joint & Constant Velocity (CV) Joint Replacement



Brake Drum / Rotor Resurfacing

A brake drum/rotor is not meant to last forever. They wear down a little every time you step on the brake pedal. Most modern Trucks come with thinner rotors to save on weight. Due to their slimness, the rotors wear out faster. For this reason, it is advisable to have the rotors and brake drums resurfaced every time you are replacing the brake Shoes. Resurfacing is an economical alternative to replacing the rotors/drums with new ones. If your brake rotors/drums have sufficient metal remaining with no hard spots, cracks, severe grooving, or rusting, then resurfacing is a great option.

Flywheel Turning

If you’re installing a new clutch, and don’t need a new flywheel, the warranty may be void if the existing flywheel is not resurfaced and balanced. To be safe and to avoid the risk of future clutch problems, we always recommend having your flywheel resurfaced and balanced when replacing the clutch.

Re-manufactured Brake Shoes

We Re-build our brake shoes in house to keep up with high demands.